who we are

Performax is all about finding the fitness in you. Fitness is not all about just breaking a sweat and trying to discover how many different kale smoothies you can make. Here at Performax we want to make sure you find out a little more about yourself while uncovering a healthy addiction. Stepping through our doors you will find fun and exciting workouts, nutritional knowledge, and a positive experience you'll catch yourself telling the person behind you at the grocery store line about. The Performax family is always doors open for anyone ready to start or further their fitness journey!


Our Gym Trainers

Our coaches are one of a kind. The team is ensured to bring electric and exciting energy into the workouts. We make sure to know everyone on a first name basis, and are experienced in multiple avenues to be ready to help you take on whatever your goals may be!

We can give you much more than others

Our workouts are second to none with high energy and a mix of resistance and cardio exercises, our workouts will allow you to feel the burn and notice physical and mental results along the way. We mix up our muscle groups each and every day throughout the week to allow you to always give the body a rest in the targeted areas. You can only feel it for yourself when you step on our floor!

Our Coach

About Coach Jamie

Throughout my entire life I always had idols in different areas of life. I always believed that there was something to push more towards, that someone always had the knowledge or ability to help make you better. I dove head first into fitness when I moved to Florida from New York to go to college where I learned all I can about weightlifting, functional fitness, and nutrition. Throughout my time at college I did fitness modeling which helped me practice the routine of dieting and the ability to enjoy life in moderation. Fitness modeling put me in the spot of great accomplishments such as book covers, magazine features, bodybuilding.com features, and even a magazine cover.

I competed in the physique bodybuilding division in March of 2017 where I qualified for the national level stage. I have trained hundreds of people helping them find out what works for them, how to maintain healthy habits, and showing them that working out is a fun activity to look forward to after/before a long day of work. The idea of Performax is simply in the name, you perform at your max at whatever you do and the reward will always be promising and the Performax family will continue to grow stronger.

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